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With TotalPrep’s practical and easy to use online platform, you can start teaching a local class of students or interact with thousands of Students across Nigeria in less than 5 minutes, using your existing materials – teaching notes, practice questions, presentation slides, etc.

EARN more money

The TotalPrep model puts the earning power in the hands of Teachers - charge what you want for your teaching materials, and as Students pay to learn from you, increase your earnings and your income stream. The more materials you have on the platform, the more you can earn.

IMPROVE student performance

TotalPrep’s diagnostic tools help identify the areas where your Students need help, recommend actions for improving and track progress. This is useful information to increase the effectiveness of “teaching and learning” and help your Students improve their performance.

ZERO startup costs

It costs you absolutely nothing to sign up TODAY and start to “Teach, Earn and Improve”.


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