TotalPrep is an online platform designed to assist both Teachers (including Professors, Lecturers, School Teachers and Tutors) and Students in improving learning and increasing performance on exams. This is achieved through the use of:

  • Practice Tests: multiple choice short tests that cover the curriculum the students are meant to understand for that exam and
  • Courses: combination of reading materials, articles, papers, write-ups, short (amateur) videos and other resources that can be used to support the teaching of the curriculum for that exam

These Practice Tests and Courses are developed by Teachers and uploaded on the TotalPrep platform. Students can then access and attempt them using any electronic device with internet access.

TotalPrep has a powerful diagnostic tool that takes analyzes the data from Students taking these Practice Tests and Courses and provides invaluable information such as:

  • areas of strengths and weaknesses for Student(s), individually and as a group
  • insights on “recurring mistakes” and the learning needs of each Student and recommendations for how to correct them
  • links to additional study resources and learning aids to help address the specific “learning needs” for the Student(s)
  • feedback on learning progress of a Student or group of Students over a period of time

This information is then used by both Teachers and Students to enhance the existing pedagogic process of Teaching and Learning, leading to improved understanding and increased performance. Teachers use this information to structure their teaching dynamically. For example, students can be asked to take a specific Course or Practice Test during (or prior) to a class. Consequently, even before the class, the Teacher gets a good understanding of Students and what areas to focus on, how best to structure the class and what additional resources to provide to the Students. The process of teaching is enhanced. Students can use this information to take personal responsibility for their own learning and apply the insights and use the resources to improve their learning and ultimately increase performance. The process of learning is enhanced. TotalPrep can be used in preparing for any exam, including: admissions exams, professional exams, aptitude tests and end of semester/term exams for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education.

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